Restaurant china, mugs, specialty plates, logo'd dinnerware at factory direct prices!

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Bryan China Company

Multi-Unit / Chain Facilities

If you are responsible for the operation of multiple restaurant units... get on the right track with Bryan China Company.  We offer the following benefits over traditional chinaware distribution!


We are the most cost effective chinaware solution in the market! We scour the globe for the best quality chinaware at the best value! As a chain customer, you are entitled to extra incentives not available to others!


When you order, we act! We immediately arrange shipment from one of four locations throughout the USA. Our arrangements with major trucking companies assure speedy delivery.


If you use it, we stock it! No more waiting 3 months for scheduled production that never seems to be on time! We will work with your staff to establish stock levels and expected use so that you have chinaware when you need it.


That's an important word! At Bryan China Company, it means that our goal is to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Regardless of what you need, information, expedited delivery, special billing requirements... we will be responsive to your needs!


Want a signature plate? A new shape that wow's the world? Or a custom logo decoration?  We'll do it all, from design to proofing to production. Quickly... professionally.

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Bryan China Company
Telephone 1-800-966-3098

FAX 1-724-658-8968
657 Northgate Circle New Castle, Pa 16105  USA

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