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Bryan China Company has over 25 years experience providing quality dinnerware to restaurants, hotels, country clubs, banquet centers, and rental companies across the U.S.   If you want a quick restaurant dinnerware primer, just scroll down this page and learn everything you need to know before making your buying decision. If you don't see what you need or if you have additional questions, please feel free to email or call us at 1-800-966-3098 for a no obligation consultation   

2015 PRICES!!!!!

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100% lead free - Superior heat retention - Vitrified body - Freezer to Oven safe!!

Alaska Dinnerware

Bright White Body, Wide Rim Shape
Wide Rim Rolled Edge in Porcelain White bright white body is the hottest trend in restaurant ware...very nice. Click the pic to see the complete line!                     

Up to 62% Off List Price!

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Colorado Dinnerware

Heavy duty bright porcelain white, narrow rim shape provides
maximum food area. Full line... very popular! Click the pic to see the entire line.

Up To 62% Off List Price!

Reno Dinnerware

Ivory Body, Wide Rim Shape
Wide Rim Rolled Edge in American White body color matches most American china company products making replacements EASY! Click the pic to see the entire line! 

Up to 62% Off List Price!

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Nevada Dinnerware

Familiar narrow rim shape in American white! Matches well to replace your existing china bit by bit. Excellent quality from Tuxton.
Up to 62% Off List Price!

Greenbay Dinnerware 

Ivory with Green Color Bands
Wide Rim Rolled Edge in American White with green color bands.
Matches well with other brands. Click the pic to see the complete line!

Up to 62% Off List Price!


Concentrix Dinnerware

Jazz up your tabletop with brightly colored glazes
Click the pic to see the complete line!

Monterey Dinnerware  

Ivory Body, Embossed Rim
American White body color matches most American china company products making replacements EASY!
Click the pic to see the complete line!

Salad & Pasta Bowls

  A wide Variety of Salad and Pasta bowls to mix and match with your Chinaware. In Numerous colors including Bright White, Cobalt and Black!

Up to 62% Off List Price!

Shaped Dinnerware

Bring a little style to your table top with these unique dishes, in various shapes , and excellent quality!  In Bright White, Black and Eggshell!
Up to 62% Off List Price!

Closeout Chinaware

Close Out Specials

We're cleaning out our 'Attic', so get'em while they last, excellent quality, limited quantities, different shapes, Click the pic to shop

Custom Decorated Dinnerware -Your Logo

Want to "upscale" your dinnerware? Click the pic at left to find
out how to get your logo and/or name fired on your dinnerware.

Tapas Dinnerware Plate Selections

Tapas style dining is here to stay! Small shared portions require "that" certain look on the tabletop. Make it busy, make it fun & exciting and your patrons will come back for more. Shop our selection of interesting little tapas plates.


A wide variety of accessories, from Tea Pots to Sauce Boats and so many more. All you need to give your home or restaurant that added touch of elegance is right here!
Buy on-line by the case. 

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Accessories / Bake & Serve

An assortment of "must haves" for the restaurant and home.
Buy on-line by the case. 


Shop on-line for an assortment of cups, mugs, & misc
glassware priced to sell, just click the pic at left

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Chains / Multi-units

Click to learn about special benefits available multi-unit
restaurants! End the hassles and headaches once and for all!

Restaurant Dinnerware for Home Use

We've selected our favorite, most functional restaurant china and
are offering it "in less than case quantities" to the home market.
Now you can experience the "eating out" experience in your own kitchen.
We also offer monogrammed china!


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Quick restaurant dinnerware primer -- We could go on and on about different dinnerware body types, the difference between stoneware, porcelain, and bone china... we could give you technical data on glaze formulations... but let's face it. You don't really care about any of that. You want dinnerware that looks good, is durable, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. That's exactly what we offer.

Appearance: Your dinnerware has to look good. Once you've decided on shape, i.e. wide rim / narrow rim, bright white / ivory, and so forth, you need to be confident that the dinnerware is consistent, that a 9" plate is 9" and that it will nest with the other 9" plates from the same factory. We've seen many dinnerware factories throughout the world and there are enormous differences in the finer points of dinnerware production. These differences are most certainly a factor in the quality of the restaurant dinnerware that you buy. If you're buying bottom of the barrel type china, which we don't sell, you can be sure that the factory packs everything not broken and that there is a large difference of the quality of pieces from the same lot. Chances are that the factory's kilns are not consistent, their body formulations are not consistent... and the resultant dinnerware isn't consistent either. We don't use factories like this. Restaurant dinnerware from Bryan China Company will be consistent to American standards.

Durable: Your dinnerware must be durable. We know that even the most expensive restaurant dinnerware doesn't last forever... at least if it's used. The two main components to durability are the body and the glaze.

Cost: Your dinnerware cost has to be reasonable not only in terms of your pocketbook, but also your menu. That's why we provide such a variety of different lines.....what works for the guy down  the street doesn't necessarily fit your needs.  If you don't see what you are looking for above then please give us a call.  Chances are good that we have exactly what you need. This website would be one of the largest in the world if we listed everything that we stock!!

Once you get the basic look, you can upscale your tabletop with a decorated logo, color or gold bands, a specialty plate, etc. This can be done very reasonably. We produce many custom logo / design projects for restaurants, banquet centers, corporate dining rooms, country clubs, hunting lodges, private yachts, you name it!

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