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Fred Stone is recognized as America's leading painter of horses. The Los Angeles Daily News and the Chicago Tribune have recognized him as the most successful artist of horses in the world. His close-up of angles give him his uniqueness and he believes that the eyes are where the personality of each horse shines through.

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The American Triple Crown 1937-1946

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Man O'War

MANOWAR.gif (65303 bytes)

Old Warrior

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The Final Tribute

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War Admiral won 21 out of 26 of his races including the triple crown in 1937. In 1941 the winner was Whirl- away, ridden by Eddie Arcaro. Count Fleet was the winner of The Triple Crown in 1946, ridden by Johnny Longden. Size 10 1/4" Fine Porcelain with a 24K Gold running horse etched border. $75.00 After Man O'War was retired to stud, the eternal friendship of groom, Will Harbut, and Man O'War was to begin. For 17 years the big red horse and the old groom lived in harmony. Size 8 1/2" 24K gold border. $45.00 This intense picture is the one of a kind Bill Shoemaker upon John Henry. Shoemaker rode a horse with style and love. He won more races than any rider who ever lived. Size 10 1/4" Fine Porcelain.  24K gold etched border with running horses. $75.00


Secretariat won the Triple Crown in 1973, with one of the most impressive stretch runs in the history of horse racing. This beautiful plate has an etched border of running horses in 24K gold and is hand decorated on a 10 1/4" fine porcelain plate. $75.00
Forever Friends

foreverfriends.gif (85387 bytes)

Julie Krone

JulieKrone.gif (88339 bytes)

The Shoe 8000 Wins!

shoe.gif (64888 bytes)

Candle in the Wind

candlewind.gif (71638 bytes)

Man O'War and Will Harbut were the best of friends. When Will was with Big Red his face was always wide and smiling. Fred Stone captured this friendship beautifully! Size 10 1/4" Fine Porcelain. 24K gold etched border. $75.00


Julie Krone traded in life as a farm girl for a career as a jockey. Battling all odds, Julie earned the right to ride fast horses by beating men at their own rough trade. Her face bearing down atop a Belmont Stakes winner is unforgettable. Size 10 1/4" Fine Porcelain 24K gold etched border of running horses. $75.00 Bill Shoemaker is a legend in the horse racing industry! Although when he was born no one would have thought he would amount to anything. He weighed a measly 2 1/2lbs. when he was brought into the world. Bill Shoemaker never did get much bigger but, when they put him on a horse, he became a giant. Size 10 1/4" Fine Porcelain. 24K gold etched border. $75.00 Athletes of all types have competition in their blood. Giving their all and testing the limits all for that taste of glory. This is what Go For Wand had, the spirit of a true winner! Size 10 1/4" Fine Porcelain. 24K gold border. $75.00


The Final Thunder

finalthunder.gif (67954 bytes)

Dance Smartly

dancesmartly.gif (79019 bytes)

The Arabian Mare and Foal

arabianmare.gif (64989 bytes)

Pasture Pest

pasturepest.gif (66022 bytes)

This painting depicts the two friends, Will Harbut and Man O'War, shortly before their deaths, only weeks apart, in 1947. The friendship they had is eternal. Size 10 1/4" Fine Porcelain. 24K gold border. $75.00


Dance Smartly was the first filly in 32 years to sweep the Canadian Triple Crown and beat America's best fillies in the Breeder's Cup filly race. She was one of a kind with her Hall of Fame jockey Pat Day. Size 10 1/4" Fine Porcelain.  24K gold etched border with running horses. $75.00 The Arabian Mare and Foal are looking at the world with such curiosity and wonder in this Fred Stone creation. Doesn't it make you curious? Size 6 1/2" Fine Porcelain 24K gold etched border. $25.00



This little colt is teasing a shy filly who has run to her own mother for protection; but not before the "Pasture Pest" has had a chance to take a nip. Size 6 1/2" Fine Porcelain. 24K gold etched border. $25.00


Plate Stand

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Kentucky Derby - Seattle Slew

slew.gif (91481 bytes)

The American Triple Crown 1919-1935

tripcrown.gif (91020 bytes)

border.gif (6460 bytes)

Here's a close-up of the "Running Horse" gold border - this is hand banded in 24k gold over a fired relief design.

Thick black plastic trimmed in gold. Very nice quality. Make your plate an instant display. $1.99




Seattle Slew's racing career was questioned, but his success on the track showed them. Seattle Slew was one of only a few to win America's Triple Crown! Size 10 1/4" Fine Porcelain. 24K gold border. $75.00


The birth of The Triple Crown was delivered in 1919 by Sir Barton, who had woven a tapestry of unmatched accomplishment.  Gallant Fox was the light in the dark year of 1930. Omaha bore the shadow of his father, Gallant Fox, and won The Triple Crown in 1935. Size 10 1/4" Fine Porcelain. 24K gold etched border of running horses. $75.00
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