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Each plate is hand decorated on a collector quality 8 1/4" porcelain plate and trimmed in 24k gold. You can purchase right here with the click of a button in our secure shopping environment and your plates will be sent quickly and securely, often within 24 hours.


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Frolicking Dolphins

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Wolf Den

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Tiger Reflections

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Autumn's Jewels

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 These fun loving dolphins are from the second issue from the Collection of "Endangered Species" by artist Linda Thompson. $29.95


Linda Thompson perfectly depicts the love and protection of a mother and her pups in "Wolf Den". This plate is the fist issue from the Collection of "Endangered Species" and is limited. $ 29.95

Grant Hacking perfectly portrays the gentleness of the tiger delicately taking a drink. The reflection depicts both sides of the tigers nature fearful yet gentle. $29.95

 Wood ducks are frequently found in wooded streams and ponds or perched in trees. They can fly through timber with speed and ease. "Autumn's Jewels" is the third issue from the Collection of "Ducks for All Seasons" by Robin Naomi Rogers. $29.95

Mountain Laurel Cardinal

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Good Mooood

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Piggy Picnic

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Gold in The Dogwood

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Pennsylvania's state flower, the mountain laurel, attracts thousands of cardinals a year and Ron Holyfied captured this beauty. The cardinal peeking above the fragrant blooms is captivating. $29.95 Mooove over for this adorable farm friend! This plate is the first in a series of Limited Collector's Plates by Denise Calisti. $29.95 "This little piggy went to market..." This little piggy was designed by Denise Calisti. It is the second in a series of Limited Edition Collector's Plates. Limited to only 15 firing days! $29.95  This gold finch is gently perched in a fully bloomed dogwood.  The artist, Ron Holyfield, has a series of "Backyard Birds".   This particular plate is the fourth issue of the series. $29.95
Elephant Country

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Winter's Visitors

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Young Silverback

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Out in the grasslands of Africa, elephants roam free. With this Grant Hacking design you will have "enormous" amounts of luck in your home. $29.95  These giraffes with their beautifully long necks reach towards the hot sun to find food. Grant Hacking shows this elegance wonderfully. $29.95  The winter visitors in this collectible plate by Robin Naomi Rogers are two beautiful pintails. In 1995 Robin won second place at the Water 'N Wings Festival with this design. $29.95  Gorillas are the largest, rarest, and most powerful ape! Young silverbacks have to be on guard at all times because of encroachment on their habitat and continued hunting has put them into danger of extinction. This premiere Edition by Grant Hacking will be strictly limited to only 25 firing days!  $29.95
Summer Swim

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Apple Blossom Time

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Jewels In The Orchard

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Last Refuge Manatees

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This pair of ruddy ducks won artist Robin Naomi Rogers the Poster Design Award for the National Wetlands Institute in the 1996 Wings 'N Water Festival. $29.95 This brilliant blue bird can't wait to taste the sweetness of the apple blossom tree. Bluebirds love berries and fruits of dogwood, red cedar, sumac, bayberry, and other flowering trees. "Apple Blossom Time" is the third issue from the Collection of "Backyard Birds" by Ron Holyfield. $29.95 Ron Holyfield captured the ruby-throated hummingbird taking a sweet drink. This nature's jewel can be missed in a blink so don't miss this opportunity. $29.95 The slowness of the manatee makes them vulnerable and over time they have become endangered. These kind and gentle animals are a favorite of artist Linda Thompson. This plate is the Third issue from her collection of "Endangered Species" $29.95
Spring Splendor

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Plate Stand

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Whale Of A Time

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The mallard is the most common duck around. They are often called "greenheads" for obvious reasons. "Spring's Splendor" is the first issue from the Collection of "Ducks for all Seasons" by Robin Naomi Rogers $29.95 Perfect way to display your beautiful DianaArt plate! Hard thick black plastic trimmed in gold. Just $1.99! Linda Thompson captured the beauty and grace of these mammoth orcas. They look as though they are smiling right at you! $29.95
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Decorative collectible limited edition plates featuring wildlife scenes.

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